Boom-it by HAL – Movie Dialogue Vocals Plugin VST3 AAX

Boom-it is an audio plug-in designed to add natural movements to static voice recordings. In a realistic and super intuitive way, it dynamically changes the color and perceived position of a voice, while editing and mixing dialogue.

With Boom-it, transform ADR and dubbing studio takes into lively on-set recordings. It allows you to recreate the actor’s natural movements and change their body rotation, head tilt and distance to the microphone, by naturally grabbing and moving the 3D character at the center of the interface.

Not only can you transform a studio mic into a set mic, but also virtually tilt the microphone and, with the liveliness feature, bring the little variations that make a set recording really come to life.

Boom-it is particularly useful to recreate the character’s original vocal performance by matching their on-screen movements, so their voice sounds just as it would if it had been recorded by a boom operator on set.

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