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TLDR: Sensors + Ard MKR 1300 Sender -> LoRa -> Ard MKR 1300 Reciever ->Serial to Raspberry Pi -> Node Red Flow to process -> Write to Influx DB -> Display in Grafana.

Set up as below

I have now updated my node red flow to make use of the split and switch:

Flow in more detail:

Configures the serial port for the raspberry pi <–> Arduino connected over USB.

My LoRA message payload is a comma seperated string of values, if any single sensor fails to return a value, the position in the string gets 999 as a value.

Columns gives the position for each sensor value coming over in the LoRa payload.

The split node is told that hey, I am splitting my string using … whatever character you chose, or as an array, or handle is as an object

This lovely node is the most useful, so you can take one payload message which contains multiple sensor readings and then create n outputs to write to Influx

Each switch node output has a matching InfluxDB node, in this case the measurement is temp to be written to Influx

* I am still figuring out node red and the useful, and dont do thats. So will update as I go. (or please do not take my example as a good example of how to do it, or at least not quite yet anyway).

And a quick dashboard view using Grafana, RSSI, Pressure, Temp, Humidity at the moment.

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