Bitwig with touchscreen laptop.. worth the expense? – Page 2 – Bitwig Forum

audiojunkie wrote:

Tue Dec 14, 2021 12:26 am

Have you thought about setting up your own customizable on screen touch shortcut area?

Yes, I did this with MAX/MSP and even added gesture recording and tap LFO’s and in the end it was too annoying to use regularly and I reverted to a foot switch. It might have been slightly more flexible to set up touch osc on my phone which kind of defeats the purpose of having a touch screen computer plus I worry about the phone locking or going to sleep or getting a call during a performance as phones tend to do. I need bullet proof performance setups and have found that depending on more then one app at a time (especially with windows) can be a recipe for disaster. As BW and now VCV have gotten so great in so many areas I hope the developers spend a little more time on touch implementation. I think there’s been lot of untapped potential (literally!!) for too long.

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