Best mastering chain with plugins? – Effects Forum

Kazrog True Iron -> Pro-L2 (set to catch incidental peaks) -> Gullfoss (add some brightness and detail) -> Weiss DS1-MK3 (about 3db of gain reduction on the compressor and limiter, mid side mode and channel link engaged) -> Pro-L2 (grab some more peaks, final levelling and dither)

This gives a big boost and adds a bit of weight but is overall very transparent and easy to level out between the 2 Pro-L2 instances (which avoids having to redial the compressor too much). If you need more vibe or dynamic control you can always throw in same more saturators, compressors and what not before the first limiter. You can also place Gullfoss after the Weiss for a different sound.

I wouldn’t say I’m a mastering engineer, but this gets the job done for my homebrew setup. There isn’t a whole lot you can get wrong with this.

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