Best API Management Software for Azure Active Directory

DreamFactory – REST API Management Platform. Auto Generate REST APIs. An enterprise-grade API generation platform available in the cloud or on-premise. Generate database APIs instantly to build applications faster. Eliminate the biggest bottleneck in modern IT. Launch your project in weeks rather than months. DreamFactory instantly creates a secure, standardized, reusable, fully documented, and live REST API. Integrate any SQL or NoSQL database, file storage system, or SOAP service and DreamFactory instantly creates a REST API with Swagger documentation, user roles, and more. Secure every API endpoint with User Management, Role-Based Access Controls, SSO Authentication, JWT, CORS, OAuth, and Active Directory. Rapidly build your mobile, web, and IoT applications using REST-based APIs. DreamFactory provides example apps for iOS, Android, JavaScript, AngularJS, React, .NET, and Titanium.

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