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Does anyone’s Neutron do this or are the instructions for OSC tuning wrong? When you hold the range button, the octave LEDs never flash. However, the Paraphonic button starts a steady blink and the range flashes even faster.

5.5 Tuning
The Neutron will self-calibrate at start up. An additional “tune” feature is
designed to allow the user to manually tune the oscillators to the last played
MIDI note. To tune OSC1 or OSC2 to the nearest ‘C’ note, press and hold the
appropriate RANGE button until the octave LED starts to flash. Play a MIDI note.
The LFO shape LEDs will display the tuning; turn the TUNE control until only the
descending saw LED is lit. That oscillator will now be playing a ‘C’. This enables
the accurate tuning of intervals. For example, play an ‘F’ note, then tune as
above. That oscillator is now playing a fifth above the root note. To exit tuning
mode, press and hold the RANGE button until the octave LED stops flashing.
This is available in +/-10 octave mode (note that the long period of very low
notes means that the tuning feature appears to be unresponsive).

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