Automated Smart Dishwashers : hisense smart built in

The Smart Built-In Dishwasher from Hisense is a sleek and efficient appliance that handles dishwashing challenges automatically with minimal user input. When the dishwasher is loaded and started, it will automatically determine how many dishes it has and only use the precise amount of detergent required to clean these dishes, ensuring its cost-effectiveness and wastelessness.

The dishwasher features a stainless steel tub, a flexible third rack, five wash cycles, and a total dry function. It also has a smart control panel that can be connected to a mobile app via Wi-Fi, allowing users to monitor and control the dishwasher remotely. The dishwasher has a low noise level of 47 dB and a large capacity of 15 place settings. It is also energy-efficient, with an Energy Star certification and a half-load option.

The Smart Built-In Dishwasher from Hisense is a product that reflects the company’s vision of creating smart life solutions for consumers. Hisense is a global leader in consumer electronics and home appliances, with a presence in over 160 countries and regions. The company has been recognized with several CES Innovation Awards for its smart life products, including the Smart Built-In Dishwasher, the Smart Refrigerator, and the Smart Laundry. These products demonstrate Hisense’s commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction.

The full Smart Built-In Dishwasher will be unveiled at CES 2024.

Image Credit: Hisense

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