Autodesk Forge Viewer Api Cannot load markups inside screenshot

Good day,

I am using the latest Autodesk forge viewer and I am trying to take a screenshot that also renders my markups. Right now my code takes a screenshot without any markups. Below is my viewer code. I am loading markups Core and markups Gui extensions. Notice the “takeSnapshot(viewer)” function inside onDocumentLoadSuccess(viewerDocument). The function is defined right before the initializer function.

function takeSnapshot(target){
    $('#snipViewer').click( () => {
        target.getScreenShot(1600, 920, (blobURL) => {
            let snip = blobURL;
            $('#sniplink').attr("href", snip);
            $('#sniplink').html('Not Empty');
            $('#sniplink').css({"background-image": `url(${blobURL})`});

//Autodesk Viewer Code = function showViewer(viewerAccessToken, viewerUrn){
    localStorage.setItem("viewerAccessTokentoken", viewerAccessToken);
    localStorage.setItem("viewerUrn", viewerUrn);  
    var viewer;
    var options = {
        env: 'AutodeskProduction',
        api: 'derivativeV2',
        getAccessToken: function(onTokenReady) {
            var token = viewerAccessToken;
            var timeInSeconds = 3600;
            onTokenReady(token, timeInSeconds);
    Autodesk.Viewing.Initializer(options, function() {
        let htmlDiv = document.getElementById('forgeViewer');
        viewer = new Autodesk.Viewing.GuiViewer3D(htmlDiv);
        let startedCode = viewer.start();
        viewer.loadExtension("Autodesk.CustomDocumentBrowser").then(() => {
        if (startedCode > 0) {
            console.error('Failed to create a Viewer: WebGL not supported.');
            $("#loadingStatus").html("Failed to create a Viewer: WebGL not supported.");
        console.log('Initialization complete, loading a model next...');
    var documentId = `urn:` + viewerUrn;
    var derivativeId = `urn:` + instance.derivativeUrn;
    Autodesk.Viewing.Document.load(documentId, onDocumentLoadSuccess, onDocumentLoadFailure);
    function onDocumentLoadSuccess(viewerDocument) {
        var defaultModel = viewerDocument.getRoot().getDefaultGeometry();
        viewer.loadDocumentNode(viewerDocument, defaultModel);
    function onDocumentLoadFailure() {
        console.error('Failed fetching Forge manifest');
        $("#loadingStatus").html("Failed fetching Forge manifest.");

I have already read this article:
I have tried doing this method but the instructions are very unclear for me. <div style="width:49vw; height:100vh;display:inline-block;"><canvas id="snapshot" style="position:absolute;"></canvas><button onclick="snaphot();" style="position:absolute;">Snapshot!</button></div>

What is the canvas element here for? Am I supposed to renderToCanvas() when I load the markups extension inside the initialize function or in my screenshot function? Is there some way I can implement the renderToCanvas() without changing too much of what I already am using here? I am not an expert with the viewer API so please if you could help me it would be very much appreciated, I am a beginner please don’t skip many steps.

Thank you very much!

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