autodesk forge – Orient text to face the user when the model is rotated

Is there any event that I can use to detect when the camera (or model) is rotated to orient a text to face the user?

Right now I’m using the last line of this code to face the text, but I need to do it every time the camera changes.

let geom = new THREE.TextGeometry("blaaaa", {
                    font: "monaco",
                    text: "arial",
                    size: 10,
                    height: 0,
                    curveSegments: 3,

var mat = new THREE.MeshBasicMaterial({color: 0xFF00FF});

mesh = new THREE.Mesh(geom, mat);

mesh.position.x = result.geomVertex.x;
mesh.position.y = result.geomVertex.y;
mesh.position.z = result.geomVertex.z;


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