autodesk forge – Controlling gizmo size

I am wondering what defines the size of the section Gizmo, and if there are any way to control this?

I did some experiments in a model by create some section planes on 2 different surfaces (in the same model and session), and ended up with significantly different sized Gizmo. (sections created via the context menu)

enter image description here

enter image description here

As you see on the two screenshots from our Forge App, the zoom-in on the two different objects are comparable, but in the first case the arrow is so large that it is basically unusable.

I looked into the section style to see difference, but I am not able to see any difference from in the 2 different sections, so therefor my questions are now:
What defines the size of the Gizmo, and why does it change from object to object?
Are we able to control the size?

Hope someone has some inputs that might help me forward.

File used in example is a DGN file and Viewer is version 7.37.

Thanks in advance!

EDITS: Photos changed to screenshots from custom forge app instead of BIM360 + added information about viewer version+file extension

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