ASIO Driver glitches – Helix

Hi everyone,

I am having some problems with the Asio driver for Helix floor but not with otheraudio interface.


I have set the buffer to 256 samples and getting a few pops on every 30 seconds or thereabout.


The thing is, I also have a Beringer XR-18 digital mixer and when using just that with a multitude of sound application, all at the same time, and loads of vst plugins too, I can use the buffer size of 64 samples with hardly any problems at all.


The helix driver seems not to be very efficient and to avoid glitches I need to set it to 512 samples, which is horrible for latency.


I really would like to use 256 samples as a very minimum 128 samples would be ideal.


The application I use Helix driver in is Gig performer 4, running Midi Guitar 2 inside it.

Helix can provide the clean Re-Amp path from USB 7,8.


Any advice is appreciated.

Is there any other muli-client Asio driver for Helix?

Not Asio4all though.


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