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Scotty wrote:

Thu Nov 25, 2021 5:08 pm

Tj Shredder wrote:

Thu Nov 25, 2021 4:09 pm

Well I got updates to newer versions with enhanced features without having updated to the newest collection. Most notably the Synclavier update some time ago. Finally I did upgrade to get the extra instruments as well… I wonder if V7 owners get the updated versions as well. It seems a good practice to do so, as thankful customers are more likely to get over the fence to upgrades…

Sometimes you pay for an update with Arturia. I paid for updates for Jupiter 8V (V4), Stage 73 V, Piano V2 and Analog Lab 5. I wasn’t on the latest collection when they updated them and they weren’t automatically upgraded. As stated, it depends on what you own and other variables that Arturia decides. In Arturia’s case if there is a fee is is usually around $10 to 20 USD and worth it in my opinion unless you are in a position to upgrade to the latest collection which I did this last Black Friday.

Yes, thats correct, I paid I think 29 for Jupiter 8 V4. But this is listed now as a separate product in my account and I would be able to sell it if I upgrade to V9 (I am on V7 and not interested in V8). The updates to Synclavier I got for free are not listed separately which makes sense… The new Jupiter was a completely new implementation, whereas the Synclavier a normal update…
It seems I get updates for all my V7 instruments except for Jupiter 8 V3 and Stage 73 V3. Enough arguments for M1 owners to go to V8 if they didn’t do it yet… (I will get a M1 soon, but as Bitwig user I can happily mix native and Rosetta plugins)

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