artix-lxqt-openrc-20210726-x86_64.iso install

downloaded and put on a ventoy thumb drive

install booted ok, if i do not use this machines usb3, else fails.

But once started clicking on anything failes to launch anything.
Rebooted a few times into artix iso until I could run the artix install gui,

install to clean ssd.
Boot from ssd, same problem, clicking on things will not launch anything.
rebooting to ssd, same thing. keep trying until get ‘panels has crashed to many times. will not open until re login.

use Popsicle to write the iso again. it verifies hash, as done every other time.
same problems with seemingly fine ui, but not clickable.

use Popsicle to write the iso again, to a different Thumb drive.
Same issue.

Currently downloading artix-community-qt-openrc-20210726-x86_64.iso and see if that does anything.


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