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I am introverted I think.
I am making music since I am 10 years old, so 44 years now.
Playing piano in the first place an using computer teck since I discovert that music can be done there.

I always was making my lyrics in English while I am nativ german speaking.
Normaly people like my music and so but something happend few years ago and I did my first song in my native language.

It was so interesting, how the lyrics suddenly changed from the normal on like………I have lost my love, or………I found the love of my live, or………everything is going…….and so to something very different.

Suddenly in my lyrics I picked up things that really concern me and were part of my life, no fiction, no dreams, real things and people began to cry or beeing really deep touched listening to it.
I found out about my selfe, that there is more touching me than I thought.
I am introverted and I am thinking about more than I like to realise or…………….well more.

I learned lots about me in the last few years and even feel touched my selfe from my own music.

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