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jancivil wrote:

Thu Oct 28, 2021 10:15 pm

I wish what? What on earth is that comment about. that’s actually very candid and self-effacing, I guess I shouldn’t even. f**k you, whoever tf you think you are like you know somebody.

i’m sorry, i really didn’t mean it like that.
i just recognise that exact attitude in myself (and some of my friends), and how it is common for hardcore introverts to construct this mental narrative where their outwardly appearance or any kind of external presence is just this fake two-faced by-the-way schism removed from their true inner self.

i consider you one of the most communicative (in the true sense) and idiosyncratic members on this site – and claiming it is just a fake external front and not correlated with any inner self seems to me like wishful/defensive thinking. and i mean that as a compliment, not as an insult. my bad if i misunderstood your point. and you are totally right, i don’t know you.

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