Are there plans to switch to the current version of MathJax?

As pointed out on Mathematics Meta, Stack Exchange still uses MathJax v2, although v4 was released recently. (The answer by Davide Cervone – one of the MathJax developers – summarized some potential problems when moving from v2 to v3 or v4.)

  • Are there plans to switch to a newer version of MathJax on Stack Exchange sites which use MathJax?
  • If yes, is there some kind of estimate when this could happen?

I am asking partly because some of the MathJax-related bugs which are reported on various per-site-metas would probably be resolved by this switch. For example, recently I saw this post where the answer was that this would not be a problem with MathJax v3 or v4: Double overline renders poorly, except in MathML.

If there are plans to switch to a newer version soon, it would probably make sense to wait with reporting (or resolving) various MathJax-related bugs after that date.

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