arch linux – What’s the easiest way to run x86_64 applications on aarch (Arm)?

I’m currently running the Asahi (Linux on the M1 Macbook pro) beta with Arch Linux, but would like to run some x86/x86_64 binaries, and am wondering the best way to do that.

I saw this thread discussing how to do it on Debian, but couldn’t get any success. Here are some various things I’ve tried:

  • Installing qemu for emulation (package can’t satisfy dependencies)
  • Installing FEX-Emu (after I installed it from the AUR, I had no fex command)
  • Installing Bochs from the Community repository, but it doesn’t support aarch hosts
  • Installing box86 from the AUR, but it fails to build since it doesn’t seem compatible with aarch hosts

Anyone have any suggestions? I’m just looking for what’s easiest to get up and running.

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