api – How can i Query a Child’s Parent’s Parent in SOQL

I have Objects in the following heirarchy:

   -> Opportunity
      ->Project Manager__c
        ->Project Services__c

Project Services object is tied to Project Manager by Project_Manager_ID__c (Master-Detail(Project Manager))

Project Manager is tied to Opportunity by Opp_ID__c (Master-Detail(Opportunity))

I am trying to write an SOQL query that gets data from each object on the way up.

This gets me 1 level up:

SELECT Id, Project_Manager_ID__r.Name from Project_Services__c where CMS_Service_Id__c="19361"

Gets me the Id of the project service, and the name of the project manager. How can i further up and get the project manager’s Opportunity Name, and then even a step further, the opportunity’s account name?

if i try:

SELECT Id, Project_Manager_ID__r.Name, Project_Manager_ID__r.Opp_ID__r.Name from Project_Services__c where CMS_Service_Id__c="19361"

I get enter image description here

In the end I am looking for:

Project Service Id
Project Manager Name
Opportunity Name
Account Name

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