Anyone here using mySQL inside a VST/AAX/AU plugin? – DSP and Plugin Development Forum

I would like to incorporate mySQL code inside my plugins to check license codes against a mySQL database when the plugin loads (is “constructed”) but my attempts so far have failed.

I have all the proper mySQL headers and libraries linked in and the plugin builds without error. However, as soon as I add even one mysql function to the code (like getting started with “mysql_init(NULL)”) it breaks the plugin interface and the plugin refuses to load in any DAW.

I’m not even trying to connect yet, just trying to initialize mySQL and it’s breaking the plugin.

Just curious if anyone else here uses mySQL inside a plugin and, if so, what is the “trick”?

(BTW – what makes this difficult to fault isolate is that there is no library for mySQL debug, AFAIK, so I can’t run this in debug mode)

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