android – webrtc and peerjs and pixel 3 : How to resolve a video problem?

I’m using peerjs (1.3.2) on my ionic app with an android pixel 3 (version12 sp1a.210812)

When the communication is established the video received is distorded with green pixel at the bottom.
Apparently, the problem is known on the twilioplatform.

They say the problem will be with the VP8 codec and they recommend disabling it:

In my context i don’t have this function, so i followed this link to force h264 instead of vp8
webrtc and peerjs: how to choose H264 instead of vp8?

In my peerjs call function i have modified the sdp like this

peer.on('call', (call)=>{
        sdp = modifySDP(sdp);
        return sdp;
    call.on('stream', (remoteStream)=>{

My function sdp replace this line
m=video 60372 UDP/TLS/RTP/SAVPF 96 98 100 101 116 111

like this :
m=video 60372 UDP/TLS/RTP/SAVPF 100 96 98 101 116 111

But it doesn’t change anything.

So i have no more idea and your help will be grateful

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