ADT SAP GUI Java Not able to display HTMLViewer Content


I am using Eclipse ADT 3.38.2 on Eclipse 2023-09 on Mac OS Sonoma 14.1.1 with SAP GUI for Java 7.80 Rev 5.

I am having a peculiar issue . When I open SAP GUI from Eclipse Integrated tab, sometimes some of the information on the screen is not displayed (probably supposed to be displayed on in HTML Viewer Container).

For eg. Open SE37 in ADT New Tab . Execte POPUP_TO_CONFIRM . Display some random text in ‘Text_Question’ field and execute.


The Output Pop does not show the text and gives the following error :

However, on repeating the same steps by opening a separate SAP GUI Logon (independent of Eclipse) , I am able to see the text :


I debugged in both cases, I am getting the same saphtml:// as the URL prefix. However, text shows in independent GUI but not the one linked with ADT.

Can someone help figure out what’s wrong in SAP GUI linked with ADT ? Please note that this is happenng at multiple places inside ADT . For eg. looked at the following QuikViewer screen :


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