Actual Dark Mode for MuseScore

I really want MuseScore to have an ACTUAL Dark Mode, by which I don’t mean just the background and stuff surrounding the score becomes black, I mean the entire score gets transformed into a Dark Theme, as well. What I mean by that is I want all the elements in the score (title, subtitle, composer, clefs, lines, bars, notes, lyrics, dynamics, etc) to be white as well as the background of the score (or, I guess, “paper,” so to speak) to be dark. This would REALLY save my retinas from getting burned every time I open up MuseScore on my computer, especially since I often edit in a dark room, and would like to post my finished compositions onto YouTube without BLASTING out a ton of light into the viewer(s)’ eyeballs. I’ve copied & pasted a picture from a forum I’ve already seen here on the website so y’all can get a better understanding of exactly what I mean and want.

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