What’s your favourite DAW’s feature? I tried to make Reaper do-it-all – Hosts & Applications (Sequencers, DAWs, Audio Editors, etc.) Forum

_one_ of the things in Cubase is the quantize window, where any tuplet you can enumerate can be a secondary grid, and that grid can be the tuplet over triplets or dotted values. I don’t “overquantize” or apply it after-the-fact so that things conform, but as a guide and a way to sort things I do from impulse that are that kind of thing, out of my praxis.

good luck scripting that one, too

if you can, it can be improved on by allowing eg., project window to use a different quantize display than Key Editor. I have to set Project window differently manually each time. It’s one click and a fraction of a section but still an irritant because I’m judgemental.

another is global tracks in Key Editor (the piano roll), so markers, tempo track, ruler appear in there. It might do that one, I have no idea. I don’t imagine the dotted pentuplet or ‘five in the time of 1/3rd of a triplet’ et al is even a notion for REAPER.

nah, I have real specifc reasons I use the thing

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