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BONES wrote:

Thu Oct 28, 2021 5:37 am

What a bunch of ungrateful arseholes you lot are. Does it not occur to you that VST wouldn’t exist without Steinberg? They invented the f**king thing, which has enabled us all to do stuff we couldn’t have dreamed of 25 years ago, so how about you respect their right to control it however they please?

First of all: mind your language.
I do not mind you disagreeing with me, and you might even be right. However, that does not give you the right to be directly rude at people. – I certainly don’t come here to be insulted or to insult others.

Secondly, Steinberg did not start this aggressive behaviour. – As others have pointed out, it seems to come from Yahama.

Also, for your info. I have been making computer music long before VSTs were around.
When I moved over to the PC, the program that really brought me back into music making was Reason. – And they were doing very well for many years before they started supporting VST format. Sure, it does make it more powerful and more interesting, but is by no means essential and I still make many music pieces in Reason without a VST in sight.

Yamaha’s behaviour is deemed excessive because they are going after soft targets (i.e., small companies or individuals) that are not even developing software in the VST format but are helping to divulge the format. – lets not forget that the reason that the VST format was available for people to develop software, including free plugins and that these free plugins were easily available and accessible in the web is THE MAIN REASON why the format is so popular today.
A friendly (but firm) request to these websites to change name would have been much more appropriate before bringing in the lawyers and shutting them down.

I would also point out that as a consumer, I am absolutely entitled to boycott Yamaha’s products for whatever reason. Or even for no reason at all. – It is called consumer choice.

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