What about MSEG modulator in Bitwig ? – Page 8 – Bitwig Forum

There is also UVI’s Shade own MSEG this looks ideal & similar to AL M4L’s MSEG.
TBH the polynom Modulator is strange BW claims that we could shape any LFO
or envelope further with this tool. but this is confusing method. they should afford some thing
like easy & clear like M4L’s MSEG instead of curve going up & down.

The 4-stage ENV having limitation also only 5 points with limited curve settings & no ms measures
no speed control. think of “X-fer LFO Tool” & how it has useful features (Swing, Rate, Phase, PWL
,Smooth, Note Trig, Note Gate etc..)

BWS now has many Modulators & Grid modules but I don’t now why until now there isn’t
any MSEG module? instead of polynom?

BTW the in the grid there are a category for “Shaper” those tools could be used not just for audio wave shaping but also as envelope shapes but are so limited same as polynom.

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