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I’m intrigued by guitar reverb pedals such as Walrus Audio Slö, Strymon Night Sky, and Chase Bliss Dark World. The recently announced eurorack module, Strymon Starlab, seems to be the most advanced unit among this group of ‘weird’ hardware reverbs.

These pedals start with some fairly standard reverb algorithms, then apply a variety of effects to the signal, such as:

  • distortion, bit crushing, and other lo-fi texturizing
  • pitch modulation (of the entire signal, like putting a vibrato after the wet signal)
  • resonant filters, with modulation

I’m interested in lo-fi sounds, and I think that applying such processing to the reverb, rather than to the dry signal only, can give very interesting results. I know that it’s possible to stack some different plug-ins to achieve this effect, or to build something in a modular environment, but I’m wondering if there are any well-designed plug-ins that do this sort of thing.

I know that Eventide MangledVerb and ValhallaÜberMod can do some of these tricks. Are there some other good options?

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