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bmanic wrote:

Wed Dec 01, 2021 8:56 pm

Been playing with VCV 2 all day today and I’m still a bit at a crossroad with this thing. I’m sure it’s probably placebo on my part but I just think NI Reaktor blocks sound better, especially when doing stuff at audio rate.

VCV is definitely much better sounding than Cheery Audio Modular (which sound I don’t like at all) but there’s just something bothering me about VCV too.. it’s sort of “hard” and seems a bit difficult to use it for more traditional roles (which is what I use modular gear for.. not just strange sequences + blips & blops). I love modular stuff for the fine tuning of “tone” that I can get with them and VCV almost scratches that itch.. but not quite.

What I thoroughly dislike about Reaktor Blocks is how difficult it is to make it polyphonic and how much more cumbersome it is to keep track of complex patches, whereas VCV is very easy for me to navigate and keep track of what is going on.

Having said that, there are commercial libraries out there that make patching more immediate and fun (like Nano Blocks pack).. but still, there’s just something about NI Reaktor’s implementation that really bothers me.

Wish they made polyphony available at the click of a button as it is in VCV.

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