Unfiltered Audio SILO Isn’t Making Any Sound – Effects Forum

So recently, I picked up SILO by unfiltered audio, but as soon as I installed it and registered it, it didn’t make any sound when I ran audio through it. I use FL Studio for this btw. Some interesting facts about this:

1. FL Studio found the vst3 version, but not the vst2.
2. The mix knob in FL lets audio through at 100% dry, but the mix knob in SILO doesn’t let audio through even at 100% dry
3. SILO doesn’t show any audio coming through
4. All other knobs in SILO respond fine, minus the whole “no sound” thing

If anybody could give me some pointers here, that would be amazing. I’ve contacted plugin alliance support, but I figure I’d ask here in case anybody else had this issue as well.

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