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pierb wrote:

Wed Sep 29, 2021 9:39 pm

I’m running a Ryzen 3700X and Lion seems to be running at less than 30 fps. Specially when dragging modules, it’s like I’m running it on an old potato PC.

Yeah, I’ve never been super impressed with Lion’s UI performance, especially with synths like Vital now blazing at 60fps.

Although my main problem with Lion’s UI is one that would be easy to fix: It’s an inconsistency between the menus for oscillators and everything else in the UI. For filters, effects, and so on, you select the module from the little hamburger menu in the top right. But for the oscillators, you don’t! For some reason, you have to click on the title instead.

It’s a little thing, but I always have to think for an extra moment “wait, it’s an oscillator, so click on the title” or “it’s an effect, so go over to the corner.” I don’t care which it is, so long as it’s the same!

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