“Trackers: The Sound of 16 Bit” documentary – Page 2 – Hosts & Applications (Sequencers, DAWs, Audio Editors, etc.) Forum

I watched some of it on youtube a few nights ago (not all) and planned to post it in one of the tracker based threads I created, but forgot about it when I went out after midnight for a cycle in the dark moors of the coastal stretch.

I have most of these tracker programs on floppy, securely contained disk in my loft in box. The very first program I loaded up was the grey Sound Tracker as shown in the video after I had bought an Amiga 500 from a guy in the RAF. They were copies of course, but I had no idea what a tracker was at the time back in 1993. But the primary reason I wanted an Amiga was to make music with. I knew what the Amiga was capable of sound wise as my friends had one, to play games on. I don’t know if the video above shows any sample editors but there are many on the Amiga such as Aural Illusion which was quite advanced for it’s day.

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