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Why can’t Ableton and max for live devices UI be expanded and resized ?

In the same way that you can now expand the clip view, I would want the same for the plugin and instrument view. I have used Ableton since version 4 and squinting my eyes to tweak the small UI devices in the bottom of the screen has always been an issue.

So much screen space being wasted when most of my time is spent manipulating functions on plugins rather than performing with clips.

Alternatively, just have a UI button on all Ableton and Max for live devices. You would click it to get a detachable UI that was larger that (importantly) you could expand and use int the centre of the screen.

‘Accessibility’ to clip editing has now been addressed (in 11.1) but millions of people will also want a more comfortable experience when using Ableton and max devices.

If 3rd party plugins can do this , why can’t Ableton and Max plugins ?
I am beta testing the 11.1 and sent this suggestion to the Ableton team – I hope they read it and implement it , but I am not holding my breath.

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