The ultimate vst sequencer plugin? – Page 3 – Instruments Forum

A piano roll for me is like looking at a blank sheet of paper when I want to write something. If I have an idea of what I want to write, that’s great, but sometimes (most times) I don’t have a lot of time and (yes) just want to have fun playing around with different sounds while the notes are initially chosen by a step sequencer. Adjusting the different parameters in the step sequencer, such as gate, scale, probability, etc. gives me some inspiration and allows me to think of ideas that I would not have necessarily thought of on my own – and certainly not in the amount of time I usually have to play with this stuff.

I think Euclidean sequencing would be particularly difficult to implement in a piano roll. Similarly, clock divisions are another feature that many step sequencers (such as the HY sequencers, and Dave Dove’s) have that I find particularly inspirational, but that would be very difficult if not impossible to replicate in most DAW piano rolls. These sequencers create multiple tracks/send notes on multiple MIDI channels at different divisions of the master clock, all within a single VST or M4L device. I have searched for a while to find a simple VST that does clock division, which would be necessary to allow different tracks of a DAW (using the piano roll in each) to proceed at different tempos, but haven’t found any.

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