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intro wrote:

Sat Nov 13, 2021 11:12 am

To connect the patch to the author, the last 2-4 characters on the end of the patch name are used. DUNE 3 contains a built in list of authors whose patches are delivered with the factory libraries (such as KS, RH etc. – please refer to the “Appendix. Sound Design Reference” chapter in DUNE 3’s Manual).

For example:

“Avalon RH” – the code is “RH”, and DUNE 3 connects it with “Richard Hoffmann” in the browser’s list
“Adrenaline KS” – the code is “KS”, and DUNE 3 connects it with “Kevin Schroeder” in the browser’s list

To add a new author’s code and name to the list, put a file “config.ini” inside the Soundbank’s folder (or simply to the User folder). Here is the template attached with some comments inside:

The config.ini allows to add custom categories as well. DUNE 3’s import feature respects the config.ini and copies it to the newly imported Soundbank, so please include the config.ini file with any soundbank you share to preserve your author name and your categories for the Soundbank.

Note 1: The author is displayed on the list when at least 1 patch contains the author’s code.

Note 2: The config.ini placed in the “User” folder is copied to any new Soundbank’s folder created by the browser (when using the “Create new Soundbank…” feature below the Soundbanks list).

Note 3: When editing config.ini while DUNE 3 is open, remember to use the “Reload Soundbanks” option from the MENU to refresh the browser.

Just did this…. indeed as Tek told me elsewhere it is easy enough to do.

What is great is that you can do one config.ini file and include all the third party bank authors names in that one and rename their patches adding their initials at the end. (Of course I will lose my Favourites setting for those I favourited).

My hesitation though is what Initials and user name will Third Party Bank Authors be using, as I may make a change, they come out with a new bank and use different initials and I have to change the suffixes I used.

For instance these are the ones I am using currently:

AuthorCode = TTU
AuthorName = Touch The Universe

AuthorCode = ES
AuthorName = Peter Brefini

AuthorCode = MS
AuthorName = Matthias Sauer


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