[STABLE] LineageOS 17.1 for Galaxy S7 build 29 | Page 8

New build is up sorry for the delays on this one but it has tons of changes here is a brief changelog

– Fixed software codecs (sw video playback)

– Fixed random crashes related to audio/video subsystem

– Fixed detection of dual sim devices

– Fixed wireless tethering

– Fixed regression that broke front facing camera

– Reimplemented sensor hal to handle SSENSOR permission properly on aosp

– Audio pahts file has been completely rewritten and cleaned up

– Added trust HAL to control usb otg

– Added device health hal

– Merged november security update to vendor

– Reimplemented display modes as hidl interface

– Reimplemented touch features as hidl interface

– Switched to hardware/samsung power hal

– Switched to a new light hal

– Added back AdvanceDisplay

– Misc performance and stability improvements

– Synced with LOS source

Also big thanks to everyone who donated previously as it helps cover the server and coffee cost and keep the project alive,

Anyway i hope everyone enjoys new build and this holidays season

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