[Solved] C++ Minimum DirectX 9.0c version and how to check for it

Our Windows C++ Ogre-based game is nearing completion. Before we publicly release it, we have to solve this matter :

Ogre crashes on many test-computers if they are not updated to the latest Dx9.0c version. All these computers already had 9.0c installed, but that must have been an older OS-pre-installed sub-version, hence the crash..?

The 1st questions is : how can I ensure that a user has the correct 9.0c version so that the game doesn’t crash on the user’s face, but instead show a message like “Go get the latest 9.0c version from there….”?

The 2nd question is : is there a standard, automated method to update the user’s computer to the latest 9.0c version during the game’s installation? That would be the best solution.

Many many thanks in advance,


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