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Quick heads up just to let you know Quanta has been updated to 1.2.0

Nothing huge, but still well maintained and nicely updated on a regular basis. From the readme file:

> Linux VST3 added to payload.
> macOS versions now Universal 2, and will run native on M1 Macs. Unfortunately, this means that the minimum macOS is now 10.12 “Sierra.”

> WebKit and OpenGL removed entirely. This won’t affect macOS or Windows, but it removes some annoying dependencies in Linux.
> There was a small bug in the MPE Zones implementation that was preventing notes arriving on channels 13-16 from triggering a voice. This has been fixed. It was first found in the Live 11 beta, but it may have been happening elsewhere and we were just unaware of it. In any event, no longer a problem.

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