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Caine123 wrote:

Sat Nov 27, 2021 8:55 pm

hey guys i demo UNIFY atm and i kinda like the LAYERING idea but i dunno how crashy or non crashy this plugin is? i somehow dunno if this plugin is really stable when you e.g. 5 different VST instruments for a layer?

i created 3 layers each with Serum, loaded 3 different presets but ALWAYS when i play one instrument it just ignores my Release setting. i didnt find any option why it does it? even long ppads with long release it just stops when i hold off the midi key. any idea?

and how stable is unify? how are your experiences when layering different synths/vsts?

I don’t think it’s ever crashed on me, rock steady stable.

As to the release thing, it’s because 1.6 defaults to Midi start/quick stop for the transport – Unify has it’s own bar/beat counter internally, which is useful for a lot of things, and by default, with 1.6, it starts playback on any key down, and stops on any key up, where stop flushes the output.

To fix this, you can switch the transport mode to manual, open the transport controls (the >| icon next to the CPU meter) and click where it says ‘Trigger: MIDI/Quick Stop’ and select ‘Manual’. I think manual is supposed to be the new default in 1.7 according to something I think I read on the forums.

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