Performance on M1 Macs – Bitwig Forum

Running the same test at 256 48 with a dotted half note, three note chord, two bar measure, can run 35 instances. This is the issue with non standardized tests. The quarter note run is allowing voices to pile up, and even with the chord if I let the chord overlap release wise it can’t get anywhere near 34 instances.

Also, it might be noted that the disparity between DP11 and Bitwig here might be due to a few different things, Bitwig is relying on VST, VST3 (tested on both BTW, no difference in performance), and does not do the whole pre – buffering thing DP etc. do, but as you can see from Extrups example jpg above Bitwig isn’t really using the Efficiency cores at all, and DP at 43 instances of Diva near pegged all 8 cores.

It’s just really interesting to me how this plays out, the old Xeons here fit two instances per core perfectly in this same test, and DP choked much much sooner than Bitwig under the 12 core Xeon chips. The opposite is mostly true with the M1, though it’s fairer to say that the M1 with it’s larger CPU per per core, is capable of smartly allocating resources to things like pre-rendered AU’s whereas raw CPU power wise, 12 cores will beat 4 Performance cores. Later tonight I’ll do this same test in DP11 with the Diva VST, AU is the default in DP11 because AU is the only format capable of running Rosetta plug ins in a native M1 host like DP and Bitwig etc.

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