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If you want to sync the clip launcher with the timeline composer you can do it. A sync mode can be set for every scene and every single clip as well as the timeline has a live sync mode. You can trigger clips, clip scenes via midi or gui as well as you can trigger a loop from the composer that way (or start it from a certain point) . But the main thing is they can play apart from each other. My answer may not be sufficient as I haven’t explored this feature completely yet, this is a new approach which is not present in other daws, so to complete it let me quote Jo from the introductory video:

“Note that the live clip matrix can play independently from the timeline, the live matrix and the timeline are two complementary tools to make music with and they will play in perfect sync thanks to the quantization options, but you have the freedom to use the live matrix independently from the timeline and that’s different from most other DAWs that have a live matrix because if you start playing clips there, then the timeline will automatically start playing too, and imo that’s a disadvantage. I’ve chosen to do it differently because this way it gives more creative freedom and more musical options.”

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