MOTU 828es + M1 Pro Macbook Pro

Anyone have this set up?

I got my Macbook Pro about a month ago. No issues with any device except my MOTU 828es, my primary audio interface.

When using Thunderbolt, the machine will kernel panic at random intervals and restart.

When using USB, I can see the MOTU disconnect (I’ve got Pro Audio Control up on another monitor). Disconnects, ends my Pro-Tools session because it can’t communicate, and it starts throwing a high pitched screech until I restart it.

Started a case with MOTU about a month ago. When through troubleshooting with them, going from Thunderbolt to USB, changing settings to get it into low bandwidth mode, etc. They determined it was a hardware problem with the unit, had me send it back ($40 dollars later) and eventually got a replacement unit out that is doing the exact same thing. Re-opened my case with them. Sometimes I’ll get one reply a day, at the end of the day. Sometimes they reply a few days later.

I used Pro-Tools with the built in sound card every day for basic editing and stuff and never had a problem.

Reaching the end of my rope here.

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