Moog 3 synth Sound Studio pack vs. Moog Matriarch – Modular Synthesis Forum

Yup, decided to split the entire things into 3 stages.

1- Moog Subsequent 37
2- Moog 3 synth studio
3- potentially adding also the Matriarch

Went actually with the Moog Subsequent 37 as a first step, not with the Matriarch. I’ll give the non-modular approach a go for a few months, as I believe the ability to save patches and to have more “immediate” setup would be better for me as a start. Also, the ability to interface in a great way with the computer, through the provided VST plugin, is something I would still want to keep for the moment.

After that I’ll get into semi-modular with the Moog Sound studio 3 pack, and then I’ll see how things go.

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