lazer – Suonobuono – boutique music instruments, from Sweden

LAZER is a unique laser-based music controller. 

Thanks to its rich set of outputs, it can control external MIDI instruments and effects, analog synthesizers and virtual instruments in a DAW such as Ableton Live, Cubase or Logic. It also has an on-board lo-fi oscillator that can drive headphones (for live tracking) or be used as an audio source.

LAZER is completely standalone and does not require a computer. It is ideal for live jams!

The sensor measures the distance from the hand and transforms it into MIDI, analog and audio signals, according to user settings. Its 1mm (circa) resolution and the configurable range up to 50cm allow for precise control of sensitive parameters such as pitch and filter frequency.

LAZER does not require wearing any wearables and can be used in most light conditions with bare hands. It should however be avoided to point strong light sources directly to the sensor. Multiple LAZERs can be used simultaneously without interfering with each other.

Most importantly, it is a LOT of fun to use it, and it’s pretty cool too!

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