Invalid project file- Cubase 10.5 issue – Hosts & Applications (Sequencers, DAWs, Audio Editors, etc.) Forum

IE: my current proj uses 7 64-bit fp two-files, weighing in at 2.2GB.
The .cpr is 1.7MB. It has ~120 lanes of host automation, 60 MIDI tracks, one event apiece and a whole lot of CC etc. 4:30 in length.
if all that were plugged into Cubase directly (vs VE Pro) it would be several more MB I guess? I used to do it that way, for years, and there’s never been huge project files. One project used a couple hundred 2-files (and it was over-produced af), this does not add significantly to the project size if at all. 10MB is huge IME.

So, 6GB would tend to be a whole lot of accumulated junk (corruption), I can’t even begin to account for that kind of size.

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