Install FFmpeg on Arch Linux

Multimedia codec FFmpeg converts audio and video to a range of file formats. The program runs on the command line. FFmpeg supports multiple audio and video formats. It’s also capable of editing and streaming multimedia files. Here’s how to set it up on your Linux desktop or virtual private server. You can install FFmpeg on your Linux machine, but it requires you to follow a few steps. So if you want to know those steps, then read our blog completely. Now we will explain the procedure to install FFmpeg on Arch Linux.

Follow the commands to Install in Arch Linux:
The Pacman package manager is required for Arch Linux. This is a repository for Arch Linux. The official repository will specify which version is currently accessible. We can use the following command to update the database:

After that, we can use the below command for installing FFmpeg:

Update the system by running the following command:

That’s it! FFmpeg should now be installed on your Arch Linux system. Check the installation by running the following commands:


If you follow all these steps carefully, you’ll be able to install FFmpeg on Arch Linux easily. When installing FFmpeg, each version of Linux — Ubuntu, Arch Linux, Debian, CentOS/RHEL, and Fedora – has minor variances. Begin utilizing this effective tool.

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