Import Audio: from MP4 and MOV – Bitwig Forum

I am trying to produce a virtual choir video for a church. In these days of stay-at-home, the singers are providing video/audio from their smart phones. I want to edit and mix the audio before bringing it over into the basic Adobe video editing program that we have.

To my delight, I can drag an MP4 into Bitwig and Bitwig apparently “strips out” the MP3 audio so that I have an audio track with which to edit. MP4s come from our Android users. I’m on a PC.

But when it comes to iPhone users, I can’t import MOV like I can MP4. My PC is configured well for Bitwig and I’d rather not disrupt it with an install of Quicktime, but I’m at a loss here. I can “import” audio from MP4 but not MOV. Does anyone have any experience with this or ideas? I know that I can covert videos but those are many extra steps that push this project beyond our time budget.

Thank you for your help, and stay safe!


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