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Sinisterbr wrote:

Wed Dec 15, 2021 8:40 pm

Well, I like the simplicity of Studio One’s GUI (although it certainly can be improved).

Me too. It’s not perfect, and, I somewhat grew used to it. But, it’s fine for most tasks.

What I absolutely detest are busy GUI’s which turn me off when just looking at them. Or, when the GUI looks like Windows 98 (Reaper). Complex software should be made as easy as possible for the user, and, that starts with the GUI.

I think Replika is a great example for good GUI design. It’s clear, it’s simple, it even looks good. That Ableton reverb is… well… pretty busy, the controls are close to each other, there’s a lot of text, and the graphics are very simple. Could be better. You know.

Plugins and a DAW. On an operating system. Which runs on a computer.

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