Glacier White skin for Synapse-Audio DUNE 3 – Instruments Forum

Thank you for the SK edition!

satYatunes wrote:

Sun Apr 21, 2019 5:03 pm

There are more surprises planned for GWD3. Stay tuned.

That’s good to hear!
What I would like to have, or suggest, to further customise the skin:

– rectangular, isolated buttons (like in GWD2, or like, for example, the COPY/PASTE buttons in the COMMON/VOICE EDIT section of GWD3) instead of these white, rounded shaped ones that are all over the place (for example those just above the keyboard); maybe these new rectangular buttons should also come in dark;

– a different frame around the main display (just like the one from GWD2).

It would be generally great if GWD3 actually looked more like the previous version (although that is not completely possible because of the new filter section introduced with DUNE 3).

BTW: Thank you for the Elara skin. The design is really a good idea and shows that a skin for a synth can be musically inspirational (welcome to space). Well done!

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