eLicenser mess up after every half yearly Windows update – Hosts & Applications (Sequencers, DAWs, Audio Editors, etc.) Forum

Is it just me, or does eLicenser mess up after any of the half yearly Windows 10 updates?

Last time, I had it that I had to repair the soft eLicenser, and this time, it told me again that the soft eLicenser was broken. The eLicenser software told me that I had to start the software as an admin user then, but, that ended up with an error message as well, because, obviously, there still was some eLicenser process running or something. I then rebooted, and installed the latest version of the eLicenser software, and that fixed the issue.

Thank god that Steinberg discontinues eLicenser now. Never had such issues with iLok. Or any other copy protection scheme, for that matter.

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