Directx 12 inputs and experience – #7 by meh1951 – General Discussion

Have just changed to directx 12, with some anxiety as others have mentioned stuttering, loss of performance etc.
Have to say that my mid range system (i7 10700, 32 GB ram 5760×1440 super wide )with a 2070 card and everything at ultra, runs very, very smooth with absolutely no stutters or discernable fps loss. Have long since jumped off the FPS fixation. For me it is smooth or not. Generally gets 26-30 fps.
If there is a improvement in graphics it is subtle and so far mostly notisable in the cockpit reflections if it is not placebo effect.
It is really amazing how different pc setups react to changes.
Have been blessed with little problems since launch, very few (below 10) Ctd since launch, no update issues, but have a purpose bought system that ONLY runs msfs and dcs. Absolutely nothing else. Few things in the community folder.
Can’t see other directx topics so would like to hear others experience.

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