Cubase 11 Volume Automation Issue?

I’m deep into a mix and just noticed that I now can no longer select volume as an automation. I can select any other parameter, but when I select volume it simply doesn’t change.

Moreover, when I engage “write”, and try to automate via my cc121 controller, the current volume jumps to a much lower volume. I then can see the volume lane, and at that point can grab the node and pull the volume back up, but every time I try and use the pencil tool and click a starting point for volume changes, as soon as I click, once again the volume jumps way down?

To troubleshoot, I opened up a blank project and imported an audio file to see if the volume automation functioned normally, and sure enough it did. So this leads me to believe I’ve somehow inadvertently selected something that has the volume automation acting abnormally? No clue of course what that could be.

Anyone ever experience this, or have any solutions to put the volume automation back to normal?


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